From April 2011 South African Consumers have been among the best protected consumers in the world. The Consumer Protection Act came into effect on 1 April 2011 and is busy transforming the sales and marketing landscape of South Africa significantly. 
Too many businesses are still battling to come to terms with the changes.

Imagine playing a game of rugby, in a stadium, on a nice green field with white lines, run off at half time for the break and return to find yourself in the same stadium, on the same field BUT the white lines are different, as is the ball you are playing with as is pretty much everything about the game you are now playing - football. This is what the Consumer Protection Act is doing to the Sales and Marketing environment.

"Our options are to learn this new game, the rules, the roles of the participants and how the rewards are distributed or continue playing the same game and become the best players in a game that is no longer played." (Larry Wilson: Changing the way we sell)

Honeylane Consulting (SINK or SWIM Seminars) is presenting the SINK or SWIM Consumer Protection Act Seminar (Is it still safe to sell anything anymore??!!) addressing the Sales and Marketing challenge in a Consumer Protection World.

This 1-Day event will provide you with:

  • A Practical Overview of the Consumer Protection Act;
  • A framework for the identification of the key areas of impact on your organisation;
  • Understanding the need for a well governed and effective Sales and marketing channel;
  • Reviewing the Sales and Marketing Skills we have in the light of these changes;
  • Exposure to a new range of skills and competencies (personal and corporate) made critical in the new Consumer Protection environment;
  • Developing a plan for the transformation of your Sales and marketing Channel in the light of these changes (and for your own personal development).

Who should attend this Training Programme:

  • Company Directors
  • Sales and Marketing Directors
  • Sales and Marketing Managers
  • Customer Services Directors
  • Customer Services Management
  • Sales Representatives
  • Customer Services Personnel
  • General Management
  • Managing Directors
  • Company Board Members
SINK or SWIM Seminars offers this Seminar in an In-House Format - either on your premises or arranged just for your management/leadership team. Please CLICK HERE for IN-HOUSE Seminar request to request more detail on this - let us know when you would like to have this event and where you are based.

Introducing your facilitator:

Roger Hitchcock: Specialist Advisor Strategy, Governance and Knowledge

(B.Soc Sc; B.Th; Dip SBM; CFP)


  • Corporate Strategic Planning
  • Corporate Decision Making
  • Corporate Governance Process and Structure Facilitation
  • Innovation Strategies
  • Process and Systems Design
  • Presentations and Seminars
  • Training (design and deployment)
  • Amongst other things...

Roger has worked for 20 years in both large corporate environments and small business environments. His speciality is in making complexity understandable and facilitating robust solutions. He is passionate about assisting companies and individuals find their clear strategic direction and purpose - and helping them to take steps in implementing this purpose in an effective way.