A range of feedback from delegates attending the SINK or SWIM: New Companies Act (Is it still safe to be a company director?) Seminar. They represent a complete cross section of companies and CCs - feedback from ALL delegates has been unanimously POSITIVE.

·         Well worth the time and money. (Herklaas Meyer)

·         Helped to us rethink our role as Directors! (Dirk Bouwer)

·         Every one of my directors must attend! (Wim du Preeez - MD Satreno Consulting)

·         Excellent and Interesting. Good to be informed prematurely. Clearly being a director is not that safe anymore. (Frank Michielsen - MIC Distributors)

·         Very interesting and beneficial. Course very well presented. Knowledge of business improved considerably. (Anton Benecke - Make It New)

·         Great, insightful content. Felt too rushed, need more discussion times. (Kurt Linodor - Satreno)

·         Very Informative.  (Claire Neilson - Market Probe)

·         Good - very informative. (Beverly van Zyl - About IT)

·         First exposure. Was given a wide view of the implications of the New Act. Good Value. Provides many service provider opportunities. (John Stanbury - Cresco Project Finance)

·         Well covered. (Manie Bernard - Inteletrack)

·         Very helpful to focus me on the necessity to rethink our position in terms of the New Act. (Leon Potgieter - Cresco Project Finance)

·         Informative, sharp and focussed. (Johan Greyling - Cresco Project Finance)

·         I think it was a great overview. (Nigel Branken - Louis Berger Group/ISLGS)

·         The seminar was really insightful and makes me feel positive about what lies ahead. Good! Every Director of a Company or Member of a CC must attend this seminar! (Barend Wesseloo - CSI/Wesrek (Accountant))

·         Very informative, makes you think further. (Paul Bezuidenhout - Lejara Technologies)

·         Makes me think! (Johan Terreblanche - Satreno Consulting)

·         Thanks for a very good session - very informative. (Anna-Mart Steyn - Ebenhaesar)

·         Very Informative (Ray Wise - Toptrans)

·         Well presented and informative (Chris Smit - Toptrans)

·         I enjoyed and learned today! (Paul Brightman - ART (Risk Managers)

·         Very informative, created need to apply New Act asap.

·         Very informative and good supporting for Q&A. Very happy with presentation. (Gareth Penson - CCIRC)

·         Enjoyed the content & it was a great refresher and enlightening look at the New Companies Act. Thank you. (M. Simpson - Toptrans)

·         Excellent overview on changes in the Companies Act and good refresher to its application. (Isaac Chindotana - ABSA Insurance Company)

·         Thanks, very rewarding. (JP Nel - CCIRC)

·         Enlightening and informative. (Rolene Gericke - CCIRC)

·         Great, very useful and informative. (Henk van Rensburg - HS Consulting Services)

·         Enjoyed content, lots of opportunities. (Luis Croucamp - PSF & Associates (Labour Relations Practitioner))

·         Very relevant to current developments in our business. Good to have the review before the Act become law (comes into effect). (Phile van Zyl - Bertie van Zyl (Pty) Ltd (ZZ2))

·         Much better overview of new act - than received before. (Sarel du Plessis - Ruto Mills)

·         Good knowledge, good communication. (Jacques Pienaar - Ruto Mills)

·         Answered most questions in presentation, Well presented. (Brink van Wyk - Ruto Mills)

·         Well presented, useful. (Nico Parrott - Ruto Mills)

·         Highly Recommended (Johann Jooste - Foster Wheeler SA)

·         More understanding of the roles and responsibilities of directors as well as Business Rescue avenues to be followed (Nelis Steyn - Foster Wheeler SA)

·         Good overview of the New Company Act (Nick van Deventer - NJW Enterprises)

·         Informative and actual seminar with good practical examples and explanation thereof (Jan t-Hart - NJW Engineering)

·         It was very informative (Charlene Fouche - Amayeza)

·         Good (Anne Marie Breed - 4 Property)

·         Helped to come to terms with the New Companies Act (Pine Pienaar - Etlin Enterprises)

·         Enlightening and very interesting. A good "need to know" seminar (Charlotte Plant, Marketing Fanatics)

·         Very Interesting and Applicable especially in our space (Amanda Wesson Marketing Fanatics)

·         Good awareness for us as we are in constant contact with customers.

·         Broad Topic, Happy with explanations (Gary Crouser Control Chemicals)

·         Informative, raised awareness (Melanie Macaskill, Fiat SA)

·         Very informative, quite scary to know what is going to change in the future (Sharona, Marketing Fanatics)

·         Very Innovative and what I like most is that it is pre-emptive and not "after the fact" (Emerald Veldtman - Emerald Utility Systems)

·         Great Course! Thanks (Alex Veldtman - Marenco Engineering)

·         Very Informative and Relevant (Leon du Bruyn MD ProPaint)

·         Well Presented and very informative (Willem Stoman Financial Manager Wrapsa)

·         Eye-opener! Content short and to the point. Thanks! (Damian Stander Computassist)

·         Great Seminar (Sonica Bothma - Trail Surveys)

·         Very Informative (Deola Briers - Fixtrade 156 (Pty) Ltd

·         One of the best and most practical seminars I have attended. Excellently presented. Time and money well spent! (Johann van Rensburg - J van Rensburg Brokers cc)

·         Well presented (Gavin Green - African Corporate Cleaning)

·         Simple and Clean (Heinie de Villiers - Computassist)

·         Awesome Info (Waltman Botha - TES (Pty) Ltd)

·         Excellent (Lettitia Viljoen - Phakama)

·         Knowledge is good and it was conveyed in a professional manner - insights are valuable.

·         I enjoyed the Seminar (Angelique Britz - Copfin)

·         Very informative, good to know which acts to comply to, lots of work to go back and ensure the company complies which is a good thing. (Karen Mullaney- FB Crane Builders and Repairs)

·         General overview of the Consumer Protection Act was good and understandable (Gretha Botha - G4 Security)

·         Informative and necessary. Content was well presented and easily understood (Janet Bredell-Nyschens - G4 Security)

·         Very Helpful (Andries Janse van Rensburg - West Rand Box)

·         Insightful (Karl Gustav  - West Rand Box)

·         This is well presented and very relevant (Carl Drotsky - WSI)

·         Brings to light the need to apply the Act to our business needs and to study it further (Omesh Govender - Digital Planet)

·         Good and useful (Noma Nyoni - SAMRO)

·         GREAT! (Caureen Stowman - TWBA)

·         Very Helpful (Johann Eiselen - FM-SA)

·         Roger elegantly clarified all fuzziness regarding the New Companies Act and stressed the importance of good corporate governance (Andre Burger - Burchem)

·         Issues pertinent to my company have been highlighted and the SINK or SWIM Seminar has empowered me in the area of the company plan and future (Troy Marais - Dynamic Tyre Solutions)

·         I found the seminar to be fantastic in pointing out the key areas in which the New Companies Act will make amendments. It was very useful to me regarding a broad overview of the main changes expected in company law (Kerry Allen - Kerry Allen Inc (Attorney)

·         Facilitators knowledge of the subject was great ( Nico De Lange - WBSA (Mining Services))

·         Good content (Lizette Rust - GIMS (Geographic Information Systems))

·         Very interesting - food for thought (Shaun Fulbeck - GIMS(Geographic Information Systems))

·         Clear concise and easily understood. Knowledge and explanations superb (Bruce Johnstone - Aviation Asset Management)

·         Roger expressed his knowledge with "spunk" and enthusiasm whilst still going on informative insight into the New Companies Act. Practical and Great. (Justin Kruger Urban Entertainment (Events Management)

·         Good Exposure to what's to come and opened our eyes to what we need to do (Peter Kinnear - Reliance Poultry/Distribution (Agriculture))