SINK or SWIM is passionate about facilitating REAL solutions for business.

We aim to IMPACT business by ensuring that what we do meets the following requirements;

I  IMPLEMENTABLE  there is a key practical element to everything we do

M  MEASURABLE  every outcome is measureable (what by when)

P  PROCATIVE  we foster a Forward Looking/Future Outcome Orientated approach

A  ACCOUNTABILITY  there is a clear view of WHO is responsible TO WHO for the WHAT

C  COMMITMENT  TOP-DOWN (TOP right DOWN  starting at the TOP all the way DOWN)

T  TOUR-DE-FORCE  we aim to unlock the GENIUS in a company enabling a unique expression and success.

To achieve this goal of having impact we structure and deploy innovative, practical, well researched and robustly structured interventions (products and services) Who we are:


Roger Hitchcock: Specialist Advisor Strategy, Facilitation and Knowledge

  • Corporate Strategic Planning
  • Corporate Decision Making
  • Corporate Facilitation
  • Innovation Strategies
  • Process and Systems Design
  • Presentations and Seminars
  • Training (design and deployment)

 CONTACT: Roger Hitchcock