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What did your business "draw" for 2010?

We have all heard, with mixed feelings I am sure, about the 2010 Soccer World Cup draw that Bafana Bafana have landed up with! This is bound, at the very least to make it an interesting build up to the tournament for our National Soccer Team – and should make for some interesting matches once it all begins.

At least we now know exactly what to expect – the mystery is over. For the team it is certainly going to be a challenge BUT at least they now know exactly what challenge they are facing.

2010 for business is going to be exactly the same – do you fully understand the “draw” that you are facing, or are you approaching it the New Year unaware of the enormous challenges that lie ahead.

As a business you currently face:

  • A recovering economic climate, whether you believe that this is a U or a W shaped recession or whether it has affected your business more or less severely the fact that there seem to be signs of recovery are encouraging. BUT do you know how the recovery will affect your business;
  • New legislation that fundamentally changes that way that business is going to operate into the future. The New Companies Act is radically changing the “rules of the business game”, directors and decision makers are significantly more exposed to “stakeholder” action and need to better understand their roles and responsibilities in running their businesses. The Consumer Protection Act definitively takes that side of the consumer in all matters related to marketing and sales – again a radical “relook” is necessary for all businesses to ensure they remain;
  • Your own operational realities – these are affected by both these external and the internal environment you deal with daily. Your people, processes, profitability all impact how well you are able to operate.

So as you face your “draw” 2010, the challenges you need to overcome, the opportunities you need to exploit - best find out as much as possible about what these entail.

Any good coach knows that you cannot defeat an opponent, especially those that seem stronger than you, without a very good understanding of both their strengths and weaknesses (just ask the Irish and the French Rugby coaches). In the same way to best take advantage of the significant changes to the business landscape that are approaching in 2010 you need to KNOW MORE.

As many soccer teams are “going back to the drawing board” in preparation for next years Soccer World Cup, is it not also a time for business people (directors and decision makers) to do the same – it is certainly a time for some “homework” for all of us.

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