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Welcome to 2010

Attention:           The Directors/Decision Makers/Management/Shareholders

BOOK NOW FOR THE SINK or SWIM: New Companies Act (Is it still safe to be a company director?) Seminar.

Welcome to 2010!

Make 2010 the year that you take your business to the next level – to do so ensure that you get your business aligned with the requirements of the New Companies Act and King III Code of Corporate Governance.

“The SINK or SWIM New Companies Act Seminar was very informative, it is good to know which requirements to comply to, there is lots of work to go back and ensure the company complies which is a good thing”. (HR Director –Crane Builders and Repairs)

Can I ask you a couple of questions?

1.       As a Director (Manager) do you spend enough time and effort working “ON” your business? Not “IN” your business but “ON” your business!  Most Directors simply do not and cannot find the time to be the “architect” and “designer” of their businesses. In the new corporate environment this will prove fatal – all Directors need to understand their roles and responsibilities under the new Companies Act, along with the roles and responsibilities (and avenues for redress) of the other stakeholders in their businesses. Ignore this at your own peril!

2.       Are you both a shareholder and a director? How well do you understand that fundamental differences in these roles in your business? Do you actively differentiate between “ownership decisions” and “director decisions”? Part of aligning yourself with the new set of requirements is to better understand these different roles in business and implement processes to regulate the different “mandates” involved.

During 2010 everything you ever knew about how business works in South Africa is going to change. The New Companies Act, aimed at modernising and streamlining the South African business environment comes into effect in the middle of the year. This new Companies Act (together with the KING III Code of Corporate Governance for South Africa – which comes into effect on 1 Mar 2010) impacts every area of business and it is essential for all business people to familiarise themselves with the changes and areas of impact so as to prepare themselves for a whole new way of doing business. Every change creates either a challenge (with associated costs and risks) or an opportunity (with associated benefits). This seminar will provide you with the handles to assess and act on both.

The SINK or SWIM: New Companies Act (Is it still safe to be a Company Director?) Seminars is aimed at helping Directors (Manager and Members of CC’s) come to grips with the challenges in adapting to this new environment – as well as to identify the opportunities that come with the change.

What others have said about the SINK or SWIM New Companies Act (Is it still safe to be a company director?) Seminar;

  •          Highly Recommended (Director – Foster Wheeler SA)
  •          One of thebest and most practical seminars I have attended. Excellently presented. Time and money well spent! (Independent Financial Advisor)
  •          Knowledge is good and it was conveyed in a professional manner – insights are valuable.
  •          Very Innovative and what I like most is that it is pre-emptive and not “after the fact” (Managing Director PRISM ERP Systems)
  •          Roger elegantly clarified all fuzziness regarding the New Companies Act and stressed the importance of good governance (Managing Director – Chemical Manufacture and Export)

Did you know that simply holding the position of director (or member of a CC) makes it your CLEAR responsibility to KNOW everything that is happening in your business – from how every process flows and how every Rand that is spent right through to what is included and communicated (and how it is communicated) in your financial statements and every piece of Corporate communication?!

Every aspect of Corporate Strategy and Corporate Governance rests on your shoulders!

Every decision made in the running of the business is clearly your responsibility – and you are effectively made responsible to every stakeholder in your business for every decision made (especially the big ones)!

The SINK or SWIM New Companies Act Seminar provides a very good overview of what is required going forward to ensure that your decision making is robust and protects you as a director.

BOOK NOW to make sure you understand your risk into the future!

What will the SINK or SWIM: New Companies Act Seminar give you?

  • A snapshot of the New Companies Act, highlighting its intention and content;
  • A very practical application that looks at how the Act addresses your;
    • Company Structure
    • Companies Internal and External Relationships
    • Key Governance Issues
    • Reporting Requirements
    • Strategy when things could turn for the worse…
    • Insight into some of the main areas you need to address – while you still can! 
    • Some ideas and strategies looking forward…

-          You simply cannot ignore these changes – or leave it up to your accountant or auditor to implement any changes required, the changes are extensive and as a director or decision maker you are liable for knowing and implementing them.

CLICK HERE for more information and booking details for the SINK or SWIM: New Companies Act Seminar. In order to book your seat/s please complete the booking form and return to us as soon as is possible. Group rates apply to groups of 5 or more – please request a Group Booking Form from us.

Seminar Format: Half Day (9:00am to 1:00pm)

Seminar Cost: R 1,495.00 per delegate (a discount of 20% applies to groups of 5 or more)

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Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any queries – or require more information in this regard.

This is a BUSINESS CRITICAL issues that no-one in business can afford to ignore.

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