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Business – a world of challenge lies ahead…

The challenges businesses and organisations face can be divided roughly into 3 key areas:

  1. Strategic Challenges
  2. Governance Challenges
  3. Risk Management Challenges

Strategic challenges have to do with where a business wants to go, what it wants to achieve and be known for – a robust strategy also provides a very powerful “why” for a company’s existence enduing everything it does with significant meaning and purpose.

Governance challenges have to do with how an organisation get’s to where it wants to get. The how consists of policies, procedures and processes that are designed to facilitate everything from the financial systems a company uses to the framework within which employees are recruited, managed and incentivised. Every aspect of an organisation has its unique governance aspects – the managed of a company’s corporate governance framework is like that of a mechanic – continually tweaking and tuning it to ensure optimal performance.

Risk management challenges have to do with what an organisation faces “on the road” to where it is going. Every strategic journey will throw numerous challenges at an organisation – some can be removed, some only reduced and many simply need to be avoided. 

With this in mind if, at its very basic level, running a business is about making and implementing decisions then the primary responsibility for tackling these 3 key categories of challenges falls on the shoulders of the businesses decision makers – its directors and management (anyone who can, by their decisions and actions influence the direction a company takes, how it operates and what it will face on its path).

Who plays this role in your business? Are they (or you) fully aware of the challenges you face? Have you identified, to some degree, the types of challenges you face – and how you address them?

We can help you identify and map your challenges – as well as implement strategies to address the negative ones and leverage the positive one… CONTACT US NOW.