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Beyond the ABC’s of the Consumer Protection Act – Understanding what it means to your business and WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT!

As the South African market (both consumers and suppliers) gets more and more exposed to the Consumer Protection Act the emphasis for businesses is moving rapidly away from “Tell us about the CPA” to “Help us to make the necessary changes in our business!” There is a real need to quickly get way beyond the basics of the Consumer Protection Act (the ABC’s) and start to grapple with what it really means to business and what is required for business to adapt to the new landscape the CPA creates.

The challenge with the Consumer Protection Act is that it is a single piece of legislation that impacts every business – every business sector is however different and affected in different ways. The CPA is also a “rights-Based” piece of legislation that confers rights onto consumers and NOT primarily a set of rules and guidelines for businesses.

 This shifting mindset is clearly a logical next step and we clearly recognise a “maturing process” that all businesses (and people in business) are going through, our approach is built around this and includes:

  1. 1.       Ensuring that the right people are AWARE of the whole scope of the CPA – and able to;
  2. 2.       PROCESS this information with their own business in mind then PLAN appropriately (AEIOU Model) the;
  3. 3.       ACTIONS that needs to be taken which then need to be;
  4. 4.       REVIEWED (and adapted) consistently.


Follow this link to a PRACTICAL MODEL that forms the core of this approach – A New Model for Consumer Engagement (AEIOU) – in a nutshell

-         ASK

-         EDUCATE

-         INFORM

-         OPTIMISE

-         UNDERTAKE


Please contact us to arrange for an overview of this process – or to book an In-House event that will help your business practically come to terms with the CPA.