Companies Act and King III Governance Seminar Introduction: Laying a good foundation for practical analysis of the New Companies Act and King III Code of Corporate Governance; What does Legislation aim to do, relating legislation, r

SINK or SWIM POPI (Protection of Personal Information) Seminar Approved by Parliament in August and due to become law imminently this piece of legislation changes the way we do business.

 "A year after the new Companies Act became law, thousands of companies may have already missed a key deadline of the Act... All state owned, listed companies and private companies with a public interest score of 550 and over are required b

ONLINE REQUEST FOR SEMINAR HERE   The business landscape in South Africa is undergoing significant changes during 2011 with the implementation of: The New Companies Act (Act 71 of 2008) The King III (TM) Code of Corporate Governa

ONLINE SEMINAR REQUEST HERE From April 2011 South African Consumers have been among the best protected consumers in the world. The Consumer Protection Act came into effect on 1 April 2011 and is busy transforming the sales and marketing lands

Representatives (Directors and Officers) from the following COMPANIES and CCs have attended SINK or SWIM: New Companies Act (is it still safe to be a company director) Seminar and SINK or SWIM (Is it still safe to sell anything anymore?) Seminar.

A range of feedback from delegates attending the SINK or SWIM: New Companies Act (Is it still safe to be a company director?) Seminar. They represent a complete cross section of companies and CCs - feedback from ALL delegates has been unanimously POS